Weather, Beer, and Music: The most beautiful combination.

I created this blog to share my knowledge and passion for life with those who wish to read it. I am currently studying meteorology at Virginia Tech and nothing blows my mind more than the atmosphere which surrounds us. I want to try and explain different weather and climate phenomenon in a way that the general population can understand. For example, in my next post I am going to talk about why we continue to see temperatures well below average and  borderline snow and wintry mix events like this past weekend. Why is this happening so late in March? Why was last March one of the warmest on records with temperatures in the 70’s, while this March may soon be considered one of the coldest March’s on record in Virginia? I hope to answer these types of questions which almost every single student at Virginia Tech is pondering right now. The weather is the number one talked about thing in this world, and sadly the general public is not extremely knowledgeable about its potential dangers. People are unaware of the fact that we experience the most violent weather in the world here in North America. I hope that through my passion and knowledge I can help people better understand the atmosphere. 


Snow falls up at Mountain Lake. This was up slope snow from the remnants of Hurricane Sandy. Taken October 29, 2012. 



My next passion is craft beer. I am an avid proponent of the craft beer revolution as well as a homebrewer. America gets a bad wrap when it comes to our beer industry. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say, “You cannot find quality beer in America. You have to go to Europe to fine “real” beer.” To make a long potential rant short, this is simply false. Contrary to popular belief, America does have phenomenal beer and arguably is making/revolutionizing the best beer in the world. In this blog I will explore different aspects of the craft beer culture. I’ll explore styles, brewing techniques(both at a homebrew level and commercial level), glassware, serving styles, specific breweries, and essentially anything else that has to do with the culture.  Me and my buddies always talk about how we always assume everyone around us has the same knowledge about craft beer and the brewing process, mainly because that’s who we surround ourselves with. But the truth is, we represent maybe 5% of the student population(hell maybe even of the beer drinking population), and I think that there are many people out there that would like to be educated about craft beer, but don’t know where to start. I hope to help these people learn a little bit more about the craft beer culture and let the obsession take over. 



Troegs Brewing Company’s Scratch Beer System. Hershey, PA. 



The last thing I am going to write about in this blog is music. I’m not going to write much about the history of styles of music, but more so going to suggest different artists to check out. Music is an extremely individualistic entity which makes it beautiful. What moves me musically may not move another person, and I love this concept. So I am going to just share some of my favorite tracks from all sorts of genres and hopefully some of them move you musically. 

So here we are. Weather, beer, and music. Three topics I am extremely passionate about, and three topics which I personally feel create the most beautiful combination. 


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