Departure May 14, 2013 @ 8 am!

Tomorrow is the day I’ve been waiting for over a year now. Since changing my major from business to meteorology I’ve been waiting to embark on the Hokie Storm Chase with my fellow meteorology peers. I couldn’t make it last summer because I had to finish up 12 straight weeks of physics. I was quite disappointed knowing I would need to wait an entire year to embark on this journey out west. I just craved chasing incredible storm structures that you just can’t see here on the east coast. But I knew soon time would come.

At this point I still do not know where we will be headed, however our trip leader, Dave Carrol, is expecting possibly a day 2 intercept(May 15). Although I am a novice severe weather forecaster, I am personally seeing anywhere from South to Central Texas(ample CAPE, theta E ridges, southerly jet streak(40 + 0-6 km shear), decent low level shear(15-20 knots 0-1 km shear, dry line formation, 60 plus Dewpoints, backing winds at the surface, veering wind profiles) through Oklahoma(similar dynamics, not as favorable 0-6 km shear in place. Kansas may be in play too(but wind dynamics are lacking as of now).

I don’t see any reasons why Thursday and Friday can’t be chase days as well.

But Saturday is shaping up to be a potentially incredible day. Way better bulk shear is being foretasted, ample cape, high theta E advection, plenty of moisture, strong low level jet, from Texas through Oklahoma and Kansas. Again, the models can always change, and I am only a novice forecaster(looking forward to the incredible experience this trip is going to give me.), but I am extremely excited for this weekend’s potential!!

So here we are, the day and time of departure is upon us. I venture to foreign elements. I have no idea what to expect from a scenery standpoint, cultural standpoint, and storm structure standpoint. But I promise you this, my passion for meteorology is about to shine through!

Check back for updates  and hopefully intercept pictures(on my 2013 Hokie Storm Chase page) throughout the entire trip!

Nick Luchetti

“Some feel the rain. Others just get wet.”


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