Day 4 Salina Kansas to North Platts Nebraska

Stayed in Salina Kansas last night after a long travel day from north Texas. we are headed to North Platts, Nebraska in hopes to potentially catch some firing cells closer to the South Dakota border. The main reason we are headed that way is to position ourselves for a potential awesome chase day on Saturday along the I-80 corridor in central Nebraska. set up looks great for discrete supercells and possible tornadoes.

The play after Saturday is still up in the air. the spc is expecting a widespread severe weather day, with a bullseye in Kansas and oklahoma, but it extends northward through Missouri and southern Iowa. Too early to tell where we’ll end up after Saturday.

Depending on which route we take we’ll either pass the worlds largest ball of twine or the world’s largest concrete prarie dog. Honestly not sure which I’d rather see, but im sure my mind will be blown either way.

Try to update as much as possible, but may be tough next couple days as chasing will become intense.

Until then,



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