2013 Storm Chase Conclusion-Some Incredible pics by Trevor White included!

My storm chase experience concluded on Thursday as we returned to Blacksburg after 16 + hours of driving. Our last chase day we ended up close to Houston, Texas, allowing us to take the southern route back home through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. 

I had trouble keeping updates going due to the shear intensity of 4 straight chase days(3 straight moderate risk days).

It was easily one of the craziest and most rewarding  experiences of my life solidifying my love and passion for observing, studying, and experiencing the atmosphere. 

Here’s a few photos shot by Trevor White on our chase. Many more to come! 







I’ll be writing a blog story on the Hokie Storm chase for Earth Magazine. Make sure to check back and read all about the experience. Topics to be covered: Day in the life of a storm chaser, forecasting tools used, chase mode(positioning), what it is like experiencing these massive supercells, what it was like being in Oklahoma during the Moore tornado(the feelings associated), etc. 

Good luck to the second trip crew as they departed this morning! Hope they get to see and experience what the first chase experienced! 



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